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Vladimir Nikolov is a composer whose works cover a wide range of musical languages and genres, using backgrounds in classical music and jazz as point of departure. He has been 'behind the scenes' of worldwide orchestral projects as arranger for some time now, while also frequently performing as conductor and guitarist with renowned soloists and ensembles.


As composer and arranger, Vladimir worked with ensembles such as the Metropole Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, Berlin Art Orchestra, Millennium Jazz Orchestra, Barga Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. Among the collaborative artists, he worked with: John Clayton, Randy Brecker,  Vince Mendoza, Chaka Khan, Gino Vannelli, to name but a few. As arranger/producer, he worked on 12 CD releases by top European publishers.


He was born 1979 and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. He started music at the age of 14, beginning with the guitar. Soon after, he enrolled in classical guitar studies, graduating with an original composition. Meanwhile, Vladimir began cross-over composing and arranging, mentored by Ilija Pejovski. After departing for the Netherlands in the autumn of 2002, he started jazz composition and arranging studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He finished his Master's studies in 2005 with focus on symphonic writing.


He also orchestrated and arranged music for several film projects, among which 2012 Oscar winner “The Artist”. His compositions and arrangements have won numerous international prizes, including four first prizes for original compositions and five first prizes for arrangements.

Big Band Charts

In Between

A medium straight 8’s piece with a steady train-like groove and nice harmonies. Form is rather unconventional and involves many different sections and nice surprises. Features first alto and any trumpet or trombone.

Middle of piece is a high contrast from a strong fortissimo tutti to piano dreamy counterpointed part, very atmospheric and peaceful. Afterwards, open solo builds up to theme, while orchestra builds a long gradation towards a confident ending. All trumpets double on flugelhorns (optional).
This piece won a first prize at “Scrivere in Jazz” 2006 Composition Contest in Sardinia, Italy.

Price: $29.95

In Between - Vladimir Nikolov
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Sade Sati

Contemporary straight-ahead piece with pedal harmony and mystic atmosphere. Features piano and first trombone. Has nice contrasts in between formal sections and a clear 4-end rhythm. Although contemporary, piece is also playable by intermediate players.
Chord changes include guides on chord scales. First alto doubles on soprano. Second to fourth trumpet double on flugelhorns (optional).
This piece was awarded the title of “Honorable Mention” at the Ithaca College of Music Jazz Ensemble 2011 Composition Contest.

Price: $29.95

Sade Sati - Vladimir Nikolov
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Powerful and groovy African 12/8 piece with a floating lyrical theme and alternating tutti and solo sections. Piece was inspired by the spirit and energy of New York City.

It has nice build-ups, ends with a powerful tutti and is very much suited for an opening piece. Features drums, trumpet, alto, guitar and piano ad lib. solos upon easy changes and is therefore also good for soloists’ show-off. First alto doubles on soprano.

This piece won a first prize at BargaJazz International Composition Contest 2003 in Italy.

Price: $29.95

Labyrinth - Vladimir Nikolov
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Cross Talk

Contemporary piece with an evolving form and gradual development. Styles and dynamics vary between a mellow spacy sound to strong full band kicks, open-to-groovy atmospheres, a big climax with gradual ending in a slow (written) fade out. It is a modern piece also playable by intermediate bands. All trumpets double on flugelhorns. Features second trumpet and first trombone for solos.

This composition was nominated for the ArtEZ Composition Contest 2012 in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Price: $29.95

Cross Talk - Vladimir Nikolov
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Changing Landscapes

Easy lyrical chart with mellow colors, and a very playable 5/4 groove. Landscapes are continuously changing from Latin to bop to Balkan through delicate dynamics. Theme and solo played by soprano sax (1st alto). Works best with flugelhorns.

Price: $29.95

Changing Landscapes - Vladimir Nikolov
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A modern homage to the old masters of swing, bebop and Big Band jazz. A mix of powerful tutti sections, contemporary harmony and straight ahead rhythm. The gradually built shout chorus brings the orchestra to a galactic climax before last theme. Good for a grand opening or closing of a concert.

Price: $29.95

Homage - Vladimir Nikolov
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