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Composers - Randall Reyman

Randall Reyman

Randall Reyman is a trumpeter and composer/arranger who is very active in both the jazz and

classical genres. As Director of Jazz Activities at MillikinUniversity in Decatur, Illinois, Mr. Reyman directs the Millikin University Jazz Band I and serves as Professor of Trumpet. An active composer/arranger, Mr. Reyman has composed music of all genres including orchestral, choral,

chamber, and jazz works. He has attended the University of Northern Iowa, University of Illinois, North Texas State University, and Illinois State University.

Big Band Charts

The Wizard

Written for Millikin University guitarist Adam Wissman in 2015, this ethereal medium swing chart is a haunting feature for your guitarist


You will have nothing else like it in your book. The chart includes many interesting compositional devices and colors that will inspire your  guitarist to employ special sound effects as he/she deems appropriate.

Price: $19.95

The Wizard - Randall Reyman
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Drastic Measures

A contemporary straight-8th groove chart employing 5/4 and 6/4 meter throughout. Solos for Alto 1 and Guitar. This chart requires a mature band (and skilled drummer) who can handle meter changes. Interesting compositional devices make this a fun chart for the band, and a

fascinating listening experience for your audience. Lead trumpet goes to high E.

Price: $19.95

Drastic Measures - Randall Reyman
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Serpent's Nest

Here is a fast swing chart for a mature band, featuring drums and alto sax. For college level bands.

Price: $19.95

Serpent's Nest - Randall Reyman
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Time Zone

An up-tempo swing burner that is a great opener to any big band concert. The lead trumpet will need a solid high D, and the sax section will find a challenge in the sax soli. This is a fun minor blues chart that will be fun for your drummer, too.

Price: $19.95

Time Zone - Randall Reyman
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