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Composers - Frank Mantooth


On Friday, January 30th, 2004, Frank died suddenly in his hometown of Garden City, KS. A tremendous contributor to big band music, an amazing pianist and jazz educator and family man, Frank will be missed the world over by the jazz world and everyone he touched during his lifetime.

Frank is will be remembered as one of the foremost contemporary big band writers, and in my opinion one of only a few that has developed a “signature” style. His bio reads like a who’s who of the jazz world. Hundreds of big band charts published, jazz ed materials for beginners and advanced players.

Thanks for all the memories and the great music Frank!

Big Band Charts

Slave Labor

Slave Labor - Frank Mantooth
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This chart was commissioned by Buddy Charles of Las Vegas, NV. Slave Labor is a hard driving minor blues, along the same lines as Cannonball’s Work Song.  Solos are in Trombone and Alto. Your band will have alot of fun with this one. About a level 4, Slave Labor is straight ahead enough to read down on the gig – still sounds great though with lots of hard driving ensemble sections. Middle section features unaccompanied horns before shout section.

Price: $19.95

Riff in Peace

Riff in Peace - Frank Mantooth
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This chart was commissioned by the Phi Mu Alpha chapter of Southwestern Okalahoma State University. Riff in Peace is a burning F blues based on a simple riff, ala the early Basie band. It’s actually a blues with a “rhythm bridge” (altered chords).

This chart is exciting that will definitely show off your soloists if they can handle the tempo of around Quarter=240.   Fun for the band and your audience will love it!

Price: $19.95

Wrong Highway Blues

Wrong Highway Blues - Frank Mantooth
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Another Frank Mantooth original that is set in a medium swing style. Although its called a blues the changes are vintage Mantooth.

Wrong Highway Blues features solo in tenor 1.


Playable by most good high school bands, this chart works well with college or pro bands as well.

Price: $19.95


Dardanelle - Frank Mantooth
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commissioned Frank Mantooth to write this tune, a really nice bossa nova with a bridge. This chart is harmonically very interesting but easy enough for most high schools.

Solo is in Trombone 1. Trumpet range only goes to F# concert so a screaming lead player is not needed here. As always, click on the link to listen and/or to view the score.

Price: $19.95

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